TEYOI LLC is specializing in Brand Architecture, Business Creation, Business Development, Business Franchising, Project Management and in-depth with the International Hospitality sector. TEYOI LLC expanded into the Video Production in collaboration with selective production houses and directors in Los Angeles. We capture the alignment of business and brand strategy so that our clients thrive in their relevant markets. 

In short, we create and we globalize business identities!

TEYOI LLC started in 2016 from Los Angeles USA and we currently handle projects across the globe from the USA, Europe and the Middle East. We are dedicated, passionate, and creative minds & strategists driven to bear innovative and impactful concepts and business solutions worldwide.

We bring bold thinking into systematic action via strategic planning, design and execution.


We are keen to make our communities a better places for everyone.



Our vision is to be the guiding light and the engine for entrepreneurs to make the world more beautiful. 

Our founder said it best:

“It’s the small details that make the biggest change".


Our strategy is to develop a new value curve by providing our clients a unique branding positioning in their relevant markets. Also, to depict all-encompassing brand standards and align them with customers’ needs and expectations. Moreover, to effectively recruit talents and direct their creativity towards brand innovation.

Our clients are our best asset, we help them challenge their status quo for them to reach their goals. 

We build the cornerstone, plan the strategy and unleash our imagination to meet our clients expectation... their goals are ours to achieve!







Adoption of our client's mission.

Work hand in hand towards our vision.

Blow breath into brands and businesses.

Spring back into shape.

Bring creativity to the ordinary.



Dear visitors and dear clients,

TEYOI has been operative in Los Angeles since 2016 and it has never stopped growing, changing and improving locally and internationally.

Our ambition is to be among the most sustainable companies in our industry, with close links between our business strategy, brand value and sustainability activities. Much work remains to be done before we fulfill this ambition, but it is a realistic objective considering the progress that Bechara Imad and his partners and team have already made.

The constant growth we have had over the past years is even more significant considering the unfavorable market context, due to the ongoing  economic downturn and the competition in our fast growing market. 


From east to west, an international golden awards winner, fan enterprising executive and creative leader with solid  international connections and with a penchant for accelerating brand and business growth, Bechara helps businesses identify opportunities to grow and expand locally and globally.


Thank you to our valued clients, and thank you to our longterm partners. Your trust and confidence in TEYOI LLC have helped us build a remarkable company, one whose future has never been brighter!



Carrying more than 15 years in Hospitality and Business industry from opening new well developed concepts to managing projects mainly into hotels, restaurants, cafes and Clubs. 

With over two decades of excellence in building and managing quality hospitality projects, TEYOI strives for a culture that is built on respect, integrity, honesty and a shared passion to deliver the best experience to our associates, our guests, our community and our partners.

Our associates are the backbone of our company; therefore, we provide a positive work environment, superior training, associate rewards programs and much more. The success of our organization is measured by the success of our associates who provide outstanding customer service to our guests. With decades of industry experience we consistently exceed the needs of our associates and guests to create mutually beneficial relationships.

We firmly believe that good corporate citizenship is an absolute necessity. Therefore, we proudly support activities that reach well beyond the workplace environment, such as our numerous charitable sponsorships and involvement in the communities.

As the landscape of the hospitality industry continues to evolve and expand, I am enthusiastic about the future of our company and we are honored that you choose to be part of our experience and we can offer you the best of us.



Award winning female filmmaker with over 5 years of experience in producing and directing. Leveraged a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures to explore new creative possibilities. Creative with no limits, a filmmaker empowered by woman and by being an independent woman. Ksenia is very passionate about art, film and creative process.

While continuing to build her production and direction skills, she conceived and has been actively involved in setting up a non-for-profit organization.

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