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Bringing Brands to Life, Guiding light and Engine for Entrepreneur

In today’s modern world, thousands of brands bombard people with information and content at any given time. The competition for attention is fierce, with ads shouting at audiences regularly. Standing out in a sea of voices has never been harder. In today’s overwhelming swarm of digital and offline content, the brand that tells the best story wins. And great storytelling is Bechara Imad’s middle name.

A branding expert who specializes in engineering brand experiences, restructuring business models, and safeguarding brand positioning, Bechara is one of the best at crafting stories that pull in audiences. He has mastered the art of telling stories in a way that captivates people’s attention and builds loyalty and trust.

Bechara has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, FLorida, Texas, Vancouver, Luxembourg, Italy, Dubai, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His Branding and Media Production Agency, TEYOI, services Fortune 500 companies and assists them with branding and marketing strategies that convert.


The agency’s vision is to be the guiding light and engine for entrepreneurs, corporations, and organizations to make the world more beautiful. As Bechara says, “It’s the small details that make the biggest change.”

Brand strategist and expert Bechara served in various roles, including working as the group creative director, general manager, and deputy managing director for the organization. In 2016, he branched out on his own. He founded TEYOI, a branding and investment startup company dedicated to delivering business and branding strategies to some of the biggest corporations and most prestigious startups in the world. Ever since the branding house opened its doors, TEYOI has grown rapidly and steadily primarily because of the quality work that they do for their clients.

Bechara is the recipient of several International Golden Awards for his work in branding and business strategy. He’s a serial entrepreneur in every aspect. His love for branding and business growth compels him to create brand stories that make others feel confident and happy, which is one of the business world’s biggest challenges today.

Thank you to our valued clients, and thank you to our longterm partners. Your trust and confidence in TEYOI LLC have helped us build a remarkable company, one whose future has never been brighter!

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Award winning female filmmaker with over 8 years of experience in producing and directing. Leveraged a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures to explore new creative possibilities. Creative with no limits, a filmmaker empowered by woman and by being an independent woman. Ksenia is very passionate about art, film and creative process.

While continuing to build her production and direction skills, she conceived and has been actively involved in setting up a non-for-profit organization.


Our vision is to be the guiding light and the engine for entrepreneurs to make the world more beautiful. 

Our founder said it best: “It’s the small details that make the biggest change".


Our strategy is to develop a new value curve by providing our clients a unique branding positioning in their relevant markets. Also, to depict all-encompassing brand standards and align them with customers’ needs and expectations. Moreover, to effectively recruit talents and direct their creativity towards brand innovation.

Our clients are our best asset, we help them challenge their status quo for them to reach their goals. 

We build the cornerstone, plan the strategy and unleash our imagination to meet our clients expectation... their goals are ours to achieve!








Adoption of our client's mission.

Bring creativity to the ordinary.

Work hand in hand towards our vision.

Blow breath into brands and businesses.

Spring back into shape.